The Leap

Sunrise. Mother has already left us. As the sun creeps up into the sky and bursts through the foliage I prepare for a new challenge. We all know that today is the day and we mustn’t fail our task. Failure is certain death.

My brothers and sisters begin to stir and come to the same realization. The task is daunting yet genetically instilled into our very being. We begin to talk, initially quiet, but then our song drones on throughout the vast unknown. Surely mother will hear it and return with our breakfast.

A shadow flashes before the great ball of warmth and is unrecognizable. A shrill call ensures us that mother is returning. The shadow, now swooping elegantly in the haze, heads toward our home. Mother has arrived.

“Calm, calm yourselves my children” Mother insists.

“Is today the day?” my brother asks.

“Indeed it is. First, I have brought you all some food to provide energy for the task at hand” she states.

We were right. Today is the day. We must leave our home, never to return, and venture into the great unknown.

Mother makes sure to provide an equal amount to all of us. She must be hoping for a successful departure. Heavens knows that all of us are too.

“Is everyone ready?” she asks.

We all respond timidly that we are.

“Alright my children. I shall leave and you are to follow. Those that do are granted the right to begin the journey of finding a home of their own. Continuing the cycle of those that came before us.”

Mother leaves and we watch with petrified eyes as she soars into the heavens. After coming to a stop nearby she calls out for us to follow suit.

The first to go is the oldest. My brother perches himself on the edge and leaps up. The sound of rustling wings billows from underneath as he begins his ascension.

My two sisters begin to mount the starting block. Both as fearless as our mother. As they glance back to me I feel reassured in my resolve to join them.

Success. I see them gliding with an elegance that only a woman can possess. It is now my time and I mustn’t disappoint.

I toe the edge of all that I know and peer out to an untamed land. A vastness that is unimaginable by the naive mind. My sisters and brother are perched with Mother and all look to me as I stare down my fate.

I leap.

Death beneath me and Heaven above, I must succeed.

The violent nature of the wind guides me as I stretch my wings and seal my destiny. Flight at last.

With a great motion I begin my lifelong journey of surveying the skies.

Freedom awaits.

As I begin my descent to the only family I know they begin to cheer with great enthusiasm.

“You all have succeeded and I am immensely proud” Mother exclaims. “Now you must all go, freed from the Earth, and explore all that the Heavens have to offer.”

With a hesitating step, Mother looks back one last time then ascends into the sky.

One by one we all fly away in search of a home of our own.

As I spread my wings and leap into the sky I spot something peculiar beneath me. It is something that I have never seen before. Unlike the trees we know, this being moves with a purpose. With a desire.

I descend to this thing’s level and perch behind it. Studying it with a childlike wonderment. It appears to be touching something in front of it with very calculated and subtle gestures. Mother once called a being like this a Human. We are to fear them I believe.

It turns to me, noticing that I have left too. With a motion unlike anything I have seen before it seems to greet me. Feeling that I have overstayed my welcome I spread my wings and tear through the canopy and into the warmth of the open.

I wonder, what was it doing?

No worries. I have conquered the sky and it is bound to the Earth.

With one final parting glance I look to all that is familiar to me. I must go on my own now.

To the sky, I belong.



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Watson Lee

Watson Lee

I'm currently attending college and pursuing a Bachelor's of Liberal Arts. My major is English - Creative Writing and I'm focusing on Fiction and Poetry.